FullTown Council Meetings

General Terms of Reference(applicable to all Committees)


  • Planning
  • Recreation & Amenities
  • Town & General Purposes
  • Finance & Staffing

Calendar of Meetings 2012/13

Town Council’s Standing Orders

Town Council’s Financial Regulations



The full Town Council of all 16 Councillors meetsonce a month on a Monday at 7.00 pm in the Community Room at the Town Clerk’s Office in Church Lane, where access for the disabled is available(see Calendar of Meetings2012/13for dates).

The Press and Public are welcome to attend all Council meetings and the Public may put questions or make statements on any matter in the public session at the beginning of each meeting, which is restricted to 15 minutes.

If, after discussion of an Agenda item, the Council decides that a Working Group should be formed to look at the matter in more detail then the membership and the remit of the Group will be agreed by the Council. The membership of the Group can also include people who are not Councillors, but who have knowledge or expertise relevant to the subject matter.

Town Council Agendas are set by the Town Clerk in liaison with the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Council. However any Councillor can request any item to be put on the Agenda. This can be done informally either through the Town Clerk or Chairman, or formally, by means of a motion, as per the Town Council’s Standing Orders (the Council’s operating rules and regulations).

The Minutes of the Town Council meetings are usually available 4 working days following the meeting. They are not a verbatim account of the Meeting but detail decisions reached and record the voting. Minutes are available to the Public either via this website (see button below), or at the Town Clerk’s office, or the Library. They are also circulated to the various local media organisations so that they can report on the issues via newspapers and radio.

Once a decision has been passed by the Council and a course of action identified, the work is organized and/or carried out by the Town Council’s Executive Officer, the Town Clerk, and her team of staff.