48 hours in the summer Wernigerode


blandford-tc Website as a Blandford forum tourist info guide, recommends you how to spend 48 hours in the summer Wernigerobe.

9: 00

A flower girl waits impatiently on his appearance on the steps of the Town Hall. When just open the doors of the historic town hall, a pair will be entered again the knot, which happens in Wernigerode about 400 times a year. The scenery in the medieval town hall, the Castle and on the brocken attracts even task from the Switzerland or Cape Town and gives the town something like permanently good karma – at least in the spring and summer months.

10 Uhr

Next door in the Castle Street Café there are not only tourists, that Wernigerode has many (35 000 inhabitants come 1.2 million overnight stays per year). Daily buffet breakfast (from 8: 00) in the covered patio is popular. In the booth at the entrance of the latest family gossip with a cup of coffee and a powerful piece of chocolate cake is exchanged from the in-house bakery, then no lunch.


A stroll through the old town, it soon becomes clear what did mean Heath poet of Hermann Löns “colourful town in the Harz”, as he described Wernigerode in 1907. In the complete heritage listed old town, half-timbered houses from six centuries lined up. The yellow brown red green houses to the Schlossberg meander around like dollhouses. The wide road remains faithful to its original investment as merchant Street: shops for eyewear, books – and brocken witch, the local specters followed by a chocolate shop. Otherwise everything seems as in other shopping relaxed, perhaps, because the people here really stroll. May be the nice service which meets one everywhere in pubs and bars and Cafés. A slice of cheesecake in Breite Straße 92 Louisen Cafe (tastes like at Grandma), then we continue towards the Castle.

13 Uhr

Marius Buhl

There are many ways to climb the former residence of the family of Stolberg-Wernigerode. Bala – and Castle railway pick up visitors at central locations, for the most gemächlichsten climb a covered wagon waiting behind the town hall with two old MacKinnon wrong. Less comfortable, for this sexy, the way is the alley towards the Lustgarten, which releases have the first views of the city, next to the former Royal Library (now part of the provincial archives). On the Roses road, it comes to the Castle, which once was a castle steep, but for this short uphill. An important difference, because the German hiking Emperor one served as protection on his travels, was the other residence of the local noble family, which made a castle in the style of Historicism in the 19th century from the Baroque building. 25 years took the conversion – we can still hope for the BER.

14: 00

The views of the city from up here is a sublime. Where today become Selfies on the summer terrace, King Wilhelm I by the powerful entrance step in 1868. Here, even the little ghost was haunted last time five years ago, when the courtyard was used as a film set. Since then, it slumbers in his chest in the attic, which is (in time book!) to visit on a tour of the tower. The path through the castle is a time travel through the styles of the past centuries, passing Japan leather-covered work room of the count by the new library in the Chambers of the Countess Anna, who is immortalized in the Hall as a painter. Chancellor Otto von Bismarck testing on the incoming looks down in the billiard room. An interesting historical reference, for his idea to pacify the workers through social legislation that was originally created by his Deputy, the Castle Lord Otto Graf zu Stolberg-Wernigerode, who rarely finds mention in this context. As so often in the history no fine train.

16: 00

Prime time Café Wieker on the market square, all the tables are occupied. Despite very impressive cake delivery: The cheese cake in the Louisen-Café this one is enough (with raisins, slightly Lemony) does not close. People can be seen enjoying an afternoon coffee with their friends and playing on the slots machines present at the cafe. Because of the large crowds that gather at this time of day, some use their cell phones to play online. Next time you find yourself wanting to spend some time playing exciting casino games like poker, know that there are hundreds of legal sites that you can visit and play for free. Hordes of people pouring in from the wide Street. To avoid the migration of peoples, is worth a detour in the backyards. Comparable with Berlin a new world opens up there, full with timbered of inlaid gardens and small businesses. Not all are from the street out accessible: In the second-hand bookshop Schulze (Westernstraße 10) leads a door in the children’s book corner but please ask in such a treasure.

18: 00

The selection of dining options is as confusing as in Kreuzberg. Kerstin Nagy, Managing Director at Hotel am anger, the Orchidea in the Klintgasse 1 recommends hostess Huong Thanh Tan has carefully restored the old House for 1.5 million euros and opened a restaurant with fine Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine, this is as good is that even George Clooney and the Chancellor were already here. With the appetizer of Apple, radishes, walnuts and as IKON Cress (5.90 euros) becomes clear why: it’s the purest taste explosion. Nothing happens here in the evening without reservations.

20: 00

Over at the crooked House, which is called so because fulling Mills missed the truss a steeper angle than the leaning tower of Pisa. There the night watchman waiting for the marketplace to its tour (six euros). In historical garb, he tells raunchy details from the time when the Town Hall of still Spelhus was and as drinking and venue flushed money in the Stadtsäckl. It burns still light in the Weinstübchen (Breite Straße 88). Hooray for Colonel Petri, who kept the city in April 1945 from the destruction fits the historical tone Wernigerodes – Pinot Noir. They shot him however court-martialled for this.

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